Who Gives Care to the Caregiver?

I’ve always loved helping people. I want to take care of those who are hurting. In fact, my partner has Parkinson’s Disease and I knew this when I met him.

Today I wore my special “Care Partner” T-shirt and “Caregiver” pin. It made me proud of my role and gave me the feeling of being a caring person. The only problem with this is when I believe that meeting the needs of another means I don’t have to meet my own.

I realized today that I need to be my own caregiver. I’m asking myself what I need to do to accomplish this. One of these things is to get enough rest. After running a couple of errands today, I crashed with my own illnesses…Depression & Fibromyalgia. A heavy fog came over me and signaled that I needed time to rest and tend to myself.

The clean dishes are still in the dishwasher and the dirty dishes are cluttering up the kitchen. The clean laundry remains unfolded. However, I listened to my body and mind. I sat on my comfortable chair with my feet up, watching uplifting videos while my cat soothed me with his warmth as he snoozed on my legs. I took time to question the triggers to my depressive episode. The housework will get done tomorrow.

It’s dawning on me that my first job as a caregiver is to care for myself. Then I will be healthy enough in body, mind, and spirit to care for my loved one.

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