Life Coaching

This is coaching about wherever you have plateaued in your life and desire to transition to the next level. I draw from various coaching practices plus my own intuition to help you discover what is preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams. We will work through those blocks and limiting beliefs in order to empower you to create a life that you love!

Often the blocks to fulfilling your potential lie in unhealed wounds and past traumas. Therefore, I provide a safe “environment” where these issues can be discussed and released. What naturally follows is a process of learning your true value and gaining personal empowerment.

Spiritual Coaching

This type of coaching centers around your mind/body/spirit connection. It is for anyone who wants to bring spirituality into their personal growth. It can include prayer and coaching around issues of faith, unconditional love, and fulfilling a higher purpose.

Spiritual Coaching can also be woven into Life Coaching depending on the client’s level of comfort. For instance, prayer can be added to, or replace, deep breathing exercises at the start of each session.



Let coaching assist to transform you into the beautiful butterfly you were always meant to be!

Next Steps…

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