Kim and I have been doing weekly coaching sessions for about a year.  We both consider this to be a Spiritual practice as well as a weekly coaching session.  I appreciate how Kim holds sacred, safe space, she is unconditionally accepting and how she deeply cares about me and others.  She is super intuitive with her coaching style and reaches deeper and deeper by asking profound, introspective questions. Her skills are matched with her compassion to support me in our sessions and help her clients break through to their highest good and potential.--Scott “Sky” Masters


I recently had the opportunity to work with Kim in a life coaching session. She took the time to understand my goals and help me determine the underlying reasons for my stumbling blocks. She helped me create a doable action plan for making effective changes and I was accountable to her with my “homework”. I feel more optimistic about balancing my life and business goals now. I highly recommended her services!--Johanna E.


Kim is a committed loving support in which I feel safe to be truly myself, heal and build a better life.

She has been a comforting, safe and grounded hand to hold when I was out of center or with anxiety. A hand that guides me during our session to notice my old patterns and limiting beliefs, clear them up and create a new reality to start embodying my dream life as soon as we end each session. Also, she is an angelic voice full of light who celebrates my wins, my true value, my beauty and my authenticity. She makes me smile and her presence helps me connect with the love and peace within me.

Although each session is a beautifully and efficiently structured space full of wisdom and accurate guidance for my inner work, something beyond the words we share happens when she is coaching me. In each session something inside me changes and I have felt the release of the weight of old wounds and old behaviors, new realizations come to me and true, deep and I would say magic transformation take place.

Now I'm facing challenges in a healthier and relaxed way and I feel the motivation and confidence to go for my goals.

Working with Kim has been a blessing, an awareness and course correcting journey, and a joyful celebration of my life.

--Ana Cristina Giraldo


My introductory one hour coaching session with Kim Broniman surpassed my highest expectations. Even though I said I wanted to get clear on my coaching niche, Kim not only helped me clarify that topic, but helped me see how my coaching practice could fit into the bigger picture of my life. I left the session with scheduled next steps that will help me move forward more quickly.

Kim asked great questions and both encouraged and challenged me. Her demeanor was kind and supportive, and I sensed that she was fully present with me. She helped me get in touch with things I hadn’t thought of before. Her listening skills were excellent.

Kim showed up right on time, and ended the session on time. We used Zoom, and I was glad to get the link and a reminder of the time of our session. She recorded the session, sent me a link promptly, and now I will be able to review it and make an outline. Invaluable!

I have known Kim for over 2 ½ years, and we have been very close friends, helping each other through difficult periods of our lives. She has a natural bent for being a coach, and has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration in my life. Now that she has gone through coaching training, I see that her natural skills for helping people get more clear and focused in their lives, have been expanded, enhanced, and amplified with the knowledge she has gained. I highly recommend Kim as a coach with whom people have a life-transforming experience as well as be a trusted, safe, accepting confidante.

--Patricia Mikkelson