Angel Child

The Angel Child floated down from the sky and landed on earth. She discovered that life on earth was very different than her heavenly home. People were arguing and even fighting over strange boundaries they had formed between them. Where was the love? God's love?

She started to grow up like the other beings on earth. She tried to be her Angel-Self, but it was so hard. She found herself fitting into some groups and not others. This was a place of division, fear, anger, and mistrust. She needed to take on an ego in order to survive. The ego would help her to know what to say and what not to say to keep herself safe.

When she had lived her full human life, Jesus came to bring her back to heaven. She no longer looked like the innocent Angel Child she once was. However, all Jesus saw was the purity of her heart and her desire to escape the frightening energies of earth.

"My sweet Angel Child," he whispered calmly. "Your Angel-Self never left you. You could have listened to that part of yourself and chosen love over fear and unity over division. Don't you know? That was why I sent you."

Angel Child begged, "Please Jesus, let me do it again. I know I can do better next time. I won't get lost and forget who I am. I wil spread love and joy wherever I go." Jesus pondered her words and smiling, said she could try again. He wanted her to succeed.

Angel Child floated down from the sky and landed on earth. She saw the arguing and fighting, but chose to spread love and joy wherever she went. And one person learned how to do the same. Little by little, the earth was changed and pretty soon Angel Child felt as comfortable on earth as she did in heaven.

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