Life Coaching

I am currently learning about and practicing life coaching. During this time I am offering life coaching sessions for free. I am studying 2 separate coaching programs which each have a unique  approach and goal. I will most likely end up with some blend of these 2 along with my own intuition.

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Prayer/Sending Energy Healing

I have learned from experience the power of prayer to change lives. Probably hundreds of people have prayed for me throughout my life when I have been struggling, sick, and depressed. I would like to pay it forward and pray for anyone who requests it.

I am also a Reiki Master (a form of energy healing) and if you wish, I can add this free service to my prayers for you.

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I have a blog at in which I write about the various gifts we receive from our experiences on the journey of life. Please feel free to check it out! I will also be writing in the blog on this site.

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My name is Kim Broniman and I want to welcome you here to this place of peace, acceptance, love, and healing.  I have experienced many challenges in my life and learned so many lessons.

As the 12 Step Programs say, I want to share with you my "experience, strength, and hope." We each have so much wisdom to share with each other on this journey of life.

I am so glad you are here. You are loved.

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Next Steps...

Please feel free to request a free life coaching session or prayer on my contact page. I look forward to meeting you on your journey!